Nigerian Army conducts battle simulation with MASA SWORD and VBS4

Updated on February 8, 2022 in Training& Simulation
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The Nigerian Army on 21 July commenced a five-day Simulation Exercise codenamed EX LION HEART at the Land Forces Simulation Centre Nigeria, Giri, Abuja.

Exercise LION HEART featured the use of simulation technologies to build capacity, force multiplication in order to aid ongoing military operations across the country.

MASA Group and Bohemia Interactive Simulation, provided trial versions of their MASA Simulated War gaming for Operational Readiness and Doctrine (SWORD) and the Virtual Battle Space Series 4 software to the Army’s Land Forces Simulation Centre.

MASA SWORD has all the functionalities to meet today and future requirements for the constructive simulation needs in the context of Army Collective training, says MASA Group.

Using it’s proprietary Direct Artificial Intelligence (Direct AI), the SWORD offers wargame solution with automated forces for high-level training and analysis.

SWORD, can provide a large variety of training scenarios including high intensity conflicts (coercion), stabilization missions, operations with asymmetrical actors, as well as maneuvers in urban zones and in the open.

SWORD is currently in use by the French Army, the Swiss Army, the Brazilian Army, the Peruvian Army, the Ecuadorian Army, the Colombian Army, the New Zealand Army, the Bangladesh Army, NATO and others.

On the other hand, the Virtual Battle Space Series 4 software (VBS4) provides a comprehensive virtual desktop training environment with whole-earth rendering for tactical training, experimentation, and mission rehearsal, and performs as a powerful simulation host.

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